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Grevillea juniperina 'Molonglo' 4" pot

Molonglo Grevillea.  One of the most cold hardy of all members of the Protea family, this low growing shrub produces an almost steady display of cheerful bright yellow, pincushion flowers. Prickly, needle-like foliage make this a good choice as a very unusual barrier groundcover that hummingbirds will love!  It stays fairly low (about 2 feet) but can spread to six feet!  


Light: Full sun.

Water: Moderate.  It is important to water in the summer when it is very dry.

Soil: Fast draining, acid, and nutrient poor.  Be careful not to disturb the roots.

Fertilizer: Use a very low phosphorus (or no phosphorus), slow-release fertilizer, or a mild organic fertilizer such as fish emulsion.  Like all Proteaceae, it will not tolerate phosphorus.

Hardiness: USDA Zone 9, possibly 8b in a protected site.  This is one of the most hardy species in the Protea family and will tolerate a very stiff frost.

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