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Adenia hastata 4" pot

I have never seen this plant for sale.  It is a very rare African desert plant in the passionflower family.  It is an excellent pot plant and conversation piece.  A large swollen base sprouts vine-like branches in the summer. The leaves are a beautiful blue green and bell-shaped, pale yellow flowers open in the spring and summer. Needs a dry winter rest.  Male and female flowers are borne on separate plants.  In the winter, the vining branches die back to the swollen base and it enjoys a dry rest.  As with all Adenias, all parts of this plant are very toxic.

These are seed-grown plants from my large stock plants originally grown from wild collected seed.  These are very easy Adenias and have survived terrible conditions.  I've never had one rot in the winter even if I accidentally watered it and in 2008, when my greenhouse heater broke in the middle of the night while it was 9 degrees outside, these were some of the few plants that survived.



Light:  Full sun.  Bright light if grown indoors. 

Water:  Water frequently while plant is in full growth, but keep dry during the winter after the branches have died back.  Very prone to rot in cool, wet conditions.

Soil: Light, succulent mix with plenty of pummice or perlite 

Fertilizer: Benefits from moderate doses of a well-balanced, slow-release fertilizer. 

Hardiness: USDA Zone 11, but does very well in containers.

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