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Subgenus Passiflora

Passiflora edulis 4" pot

Edible Purple Passion Fruit. Medium mauve and white flowers with fantastically long, wavy filaments. Grown commercially for the aromatic, dark purple fruit. Unlike most passion fruit, Purple Passion Fruit will set fruit without needing another passion vine to pollinate it. Food plant for Philaethria dido, Dione juno.  Suitable for growing in large containers.

Subgenus: Passiflora, Supersection: Passiflora, Section: Passiflora.


Light: Full sun/part shade.  If grown in part shade, there will be less flowers.

Water: Moderate.

Soil: A wide range of soil, but it must be well-drained.

Fertilizer: A slow-release, bloom-booster type fertilizer is appreciated, but beware of using a fertilizer with too much nitrogen as it may push leaves at the expense of flowers.  P. edulis tends to be a somewhat heavy feeder.

Hardiness: Zone 10.


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