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Huernia whitesloaniana

Whitesloan's Carrion Flower.  2" chocolate brown, urn-shaped flowers are heavily textured inside to the point that they look hairy.  Even though it is fly-pollinated, this species isn't particularly smelly, especially when compared to some of the other stapeliads. This is a very tidy plant with short, spiny stems and it makes a lovely clump in a pot or raised bed.

(Apocynaceae) Native to Southern Africa.


Light: Part shade.  In nature, it grows under the protection of boulders or nearby shrubs.

Water: Water regularly during the summer, and keep pretty dry during the winter.  Drought tolerant.

Soil: Sharply draining, succulent mix.  Fairly tolerant of less ideal soils.

Fertilizer: Half-strength during the growing season.

Hardiness: Zone 11, although typically grown as a container specimen.

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