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Orbea lutea

Yellow Carrion Flower.  Bright yellow clusters of up to 24 star-shaped flowers with brown cilia that shudder with every breeze.  Smells like rotten meat to attract flies as pollinators.  The stems are mottled with brownish red blotches and form neat clumps.

(Apocynaceae)  Syn. Orbeopsis lutea, Caralluma lutea.  Native to southern Africa.


Light: Part shade.  In nature, it grows under the protection of boulders or nearby shrubs.

Water: Water regularly during the summer, and keep pretty dry during the winter.  Drought tolerant.

Soil: Sharply draining, succulent mix.  Fairly tolerant of less ideal soils.

Fertilizer: Half-strength during the growing season.

Hardiness: Zone 11, although typically grown as a container specimen.  Can tolerate cool temperatures better if kept very dry.


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