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Adenia firingalavensis 2.5" pot cutting grown

Bottle Liana. This is a very rare offering of small plants grown from cuttings from plants in my personal Adenia collection. (Of course I have an Adenia collection!  I'm obsessed with all things Passifloraceae!) The plants are small, but well-rooted into 2.5" pots and should develop a caudex in time.  This is an excellent way to get a plant that is usually extremely expensive if it can be found for sale at all!

This plant is currently protected under CITES appendix II and cannot be transported over international borders.  Sorry, no international shipments!

Beloved by collectors, it is an excellent pot plant and conversation piece.  A swollen base sprouts vine-like branches in the summer.  As the base matures and thickens, it develops attractive, warty green bark. The leaves are a beautiful dark green with red stems.  Bell-shaped, pale yellow flowers open on the tendrils in the spring and summer. Needs a dry winter rest.  Male and female flowers are borne on separate plants.  In the winter, the vining branches die back to the base and it enjoys a dry rest.  As with all Adenias, all parts of this plant are very toxic.

(Passifloraceae) Also known as Ophiocaulon firingalavensis. Native to Madagascar where the fruits are eaten by lemurs.  The foliage is eaten by the larvae of butterflies in the genus Acraea.


Light:  Full sun.  Bright light if grown indoors. 

Water:  Water frequently while plant is in full growth, but keep dry during the winter after the branches have died back.  Very prone to rot in cool, wet conditions.

Soil: Light succulent mix with plenty of pummice or perlite 

Fertilizer: Benefits from moderate doses of a well-balanced, slow-release fertilizer. 

Hardiness: USDA Zone 12, but does very well in containers.

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