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Ceropegia juncea 2.5" pot

Leafless Goglet Flower.  Lantern Flower. Thick stems are olive green mottled with grey and similar to Ceropegia stapeliiformis.  The stiff stems will scramble along the ground or twine up an arbor.  The flowers are beautiful bird-cages with lots of hair!

Bright light is important for good blooming, but don't allow the stems to be scorched.  Interestingly, the inside surfaces of Ceropegia flowers are covered with downward pointing hairs that trap any small flies that are attracted by the smelly flowers.  After the flies have covered themselves with pollen, the hairs wither and allow the trapped insects to go on their way! 

(Apocynaceae) The name Ceropegia means "wax fountain" referring to the appearance of the flower clusters.  Also, juncea=rush-like. Native to India and Sri Lanka.


Light: Full sun/part shade.  Best grown in a container in a protected spot.  Bright, indirect light if grown indoors.

Water: Moderate water during the summer with a dry rest period in the winter.

Soil:  Sharply draining, succulent mix

Fertilizer: Occasional fertilizer at half strength

Hardiness: Not frost hardy.  USDA Zone 12, but most will be container plants protected from frost.


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