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Clerodendrum quadriloculare 4" pot

Shooting Star Bush. Starburst Bush. Fragrant clusters of white, tubular flowers attract hummingbirds.  The foliage of this fast-growing shrub is deep purple and green and very beautiful. Easy and tolerant, it makes a beautiful shrub or small tree in warm climate landscapes.  Frequent suckers spring from the roots, so it is easy to start new plants by digging the sprouts, or you can allow the suckers to grow to form a thicket or screen.  It has the added appeal of being a winter bloomer.  


(Verbenaceae)  Also known as Fireworks Clerodendron.


Light: Full sun to part shade.

Water: Likes a lot of water, but not boggy conditions.  Tolerates fairly dry conditions when well-established in the ground.

Soil:  Ideally, humus-rich and fertile, Shooting Star Bush will also tolerate a wide range of less ideal soils 

Fertilizer: Fairly heavy feeder.  Appreciates a well-balanced, slow release fertilizer with micronutrients.

Hardiness:  Zone 10.  Will be damaged by frost, but an established plant can survive short time periods below freezing.

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