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Hesperantha coccinea (pink form) 4" pot

River Lily.  Crimson Flag.  Typically the species is bright red, however this more unusual form produces spikes of clear pink, cup-shaped flowers in the autumn.  The grassy foliage dies down for the winter and resprouts in the spring quickly multiplying into attractive clumps that can be divided to start new plants.  Hesperanthus coccinea enjoys a lot of water and can even be used as a marginal pond plant with the pot submerged to soil level.  The flowers are very attractive to butterflies.

(Iridaceae) Syn. Schitzostylus coccineaHesperantha=evening flower, coccinea=scarlet.  Native to South Africa.


Light: Full sun, part shade.

Water: Water-loving and often grows along rivers or in marshy areas.  Needs supplemental water during dry summer months.

Soil: Fertile and moist.  

Fertilizer: All-purpose, slow release.

Hardiness: Zone 8.

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