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Hoya longifolia 4" pot

Waxflower.  Ivory colored flowers on an attractive vine the thrives on neglect.  The leaves are narrow and spear-like, making this a very unusual leaf form for Hoyas.  Grows well indoors with a trellis to climb, or cascading out of a hanging basket.

(Apocynaceae)  Native to tropical Asia.


Light: Bright, indirect light indoors.  Outdoors, dappled shade is best.  Hoyas make excellent house plants.

Water:  Hoyas like consistently moist soil that is not waterlogged with a drier rest during the winter months. 

Soil: A moist, well-drained mix with plenty of organic matter.  Standard, peat-based mixes work well as long as they have some additional pumice or perlite mixed in to make it fluffier.

Fertilizer:  During active growth, fertilizer is definitely beneficial.  An all-purpose liquid or slow release fertilizer works well.  If your plant is growing in a pot, it is good to make sure that micronutrients are included in the fertilizer.  It is not advised to fertilize in the winter.

Hardiness:  Zone 12, but most will be grown in containers indoors or under trees in the tropics.


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