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Huernia hislopii

Dragon Flower.  Carrion Flower.  2-3" creamy, urn-shaped flowers are generously flecked inside with maroon spots.  The flowers are heavily textured inside to the point that they look hairy.  Even though it is fly-pollinated, this species isn't particularly smelly, especially when compared to some of the other stapeliads. The succulent stems are fairly long and scramble along the ground and make an interesting hanging basket.

(Apocynaceae) Native to Southern Africa.


Light: Part shade.  In nature, it grows under the protection of boulders or nearby shrubs.

Water: Water regularly during the summer, and keep pretty dry during the winter.  Drought tolerant.

Soil: Sharply draining, succulent mix.  Fairly tolerant of less ideal soils.

Fertilizer: Half-strength during the growing season.

Hardiness: Zone 10, although typically grown as a container specimen.

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