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Leucadendron 'Silvan Red' 4" pot

Silvan Red Conebush.  Striking large shrub in the protea family that is extensively used by florists because of its beautiful red, leathery bracts. Very showy.  Benefits from light pruning to maintain a compact form, but don't prune too heavily.  Deer and rabbit resistant.  Fast-growing, it makes a great screen or hedge that grows to about 6 feet in height.


(Proteaceae)  Hybrid with parents native to South Africa: Leucadendron laureolum x Leucadendron salignum


Light: Full sun

Water: Moderate.  Water during the dry summer months, but somewhat drought tolerant.

Soil: Well-drained and nutrient poor.  

Fertilizer: Very low phosphorus formula or a mild organic fertilizer such as fish emulsion.  It is important that members of the Protea family are not fertilized with phosphorus as this will kill them.

Hardiness: Zone 9.



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