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Orbea (Stapelia) variegata

Starfish Cactus. This is a favorite!  Blooming almost continually from spring through fall, the flowers are large, leathery, and completely covered with blotchy, chocolate brown markings.  Unpleasantly scented, it is interesting to see the different ways that this plant attracts its pollinators (flies).  If pollinated, a large seedpod will develop that looks like two large horns.  Great plant for containers and indoors in a bright window.  One of the best stapeliads!

(Apocynaceae) Formerly known as Stapelia variegata.  This is a very easy, vigorous plant, so the plants sent out are very large and usually blooming!

Light: Full sun to part shade.  In nature, it grows under the protection of boulders or nearby shrubs.

Water: Water regularly during the summer, and keep pretty dry during the winter.  Drought tolerant.

Soil: Sharply draining, succulent mix.  Fairly tolerant of less ideal soils.

Fertilizer: Half-strength during the growing season.

Hardiness: Zone 11, although typically grown as a container specimen.

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