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Pachypodium saundersii 4" pot

Star of Lundi. Kudu Lily. This spiny caudiciform from South Africa has a swollen trunk with tufts of leaves at the tip. It has star-shaped, white flowers with red down the outside of each petal.  Very easy as a houseplant in a bright window.  It is related to Plumeria, and as a very nice fragrance.  Attractive pot specimen that can be trained as a bonsai.



Light:  Full sun is best.  Bright, indirect light if grown indoors.

Water: Moderate water in the summer months, but keep pretty dry over the winter.

Soil: Any sharply draining mix suitable for succulents will work just fine

Fertlizer: An all-purpose, slow-release fertilizer in small doses.  Don't fertilize going into winter.

Hardiness: Zone 10, but many will be grown as specimens in pots.



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