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Passiflora gracilens 2.5" pot


This is the cutest little Tacsonia!  Tiny pink trumpets hang from an equally dainty vine.  An absolutely miniature copy of the larger pink Tacsonias like P. luzmarina.  Like all Tacsonias, it doesn't like hot weather and should definitely have afternoon shade in warm areas.

Subgenus: Passiflora, Supersection: Tacsonia.  Since this is such a small species, it will be shipped in a 2.5" pot.

Light: Part shade.  This species really doesn't like direct sun or excessive heat.

Water: Moderate.

Soil: A wide range of soil, but it must be well-drained.

Fertilizer: A slow-release, bloom-booster type fertilizer is highly recommended.

Hardiness: Zone 9

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