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Passiflora luzmarina grafted 4" pot (pre-order)

Pendant, rosy pink flowers on a vigorous, free-flowering vine. Attracts hummingbirds. Endangered in its native Ecuador.

Typically very unforgiving of warm weather, these plants have been grafted onto P. caerulea, a much more heat tolerant and carefree species.

Offering grafted plants of the rarest and most difficult passionflowers has been a goal for several years, and I'm excited that I am able to offer these plants for pre-order.  The grafts have taken, but I will not ship until the plants are large and well-established.  This could take a while since I'm new to this process, but this is your chance to reserve one from my first batch.  I'll contact you when your plant is ready to ship to ensure that the plant is expected.  Also, I'd really appreciate any feedback you could send me on how the grafted plants perform.  I'm new to this and would love to hear how P. luzmarina does in your climate!

Subgenus: Passiflora, Supersection: Tacsonia.  

Photo courtesy of Henk Wouters


Light: Full sun, part shade is recommended in warm climates

Water: Moderate.

Soil: A wide range of soil, but it must be well-drained.

Fertilizer: A slow-release, bloom-booster type fertilizer is appreciated, but beware of using a fertilizer with too much nitrogen as it may push leaves at the expense of flowers.

Hardiness: Zone 9.

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