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Featured Plants

A sample of the passiflora that you may receive from us.
Passiflora Starter Kit $21.00 $35.00
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Deppea Splendens 4" pot
Deppea Splendens 4" pot $7.20 $12.00
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Ceropegia carnosa 2.5" pot
Ceropegia carnosa 2.5" pot Sold Out - $6.00 $10.00
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Passiflora Mooreana
Passiflora mooreana 4" pot $9.00 $15.00
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Passiflora 'Purple Tiger' 4" pot
Passiflora 'Purple Tiger' 4" pot Sold Out - $9.00 $15.00
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Passiflora obtusifolia 4" pot
Passiflora obtusifolia 4" pot $9.00 $15.00
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Passiflora 'Vanessa' 4" pot
Passiflora 'Vanessa' 4" pot Sold Out - $9.00 $15.00
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Albuca juncifolia bloom size bulb
Albuca juncifolia bloom size bulb Sold Out - $4.80 $8.00
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Passiflora mucronata 4" pot
Passiflora mucronata 4" pot $9.00 $15.00
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Clivia miniata (yellow) bloom size
Clivia miniata (yellow) bloom size $24.00 $40.00
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Passiflora 'Blue Bouquet' 4" pot
Passiflora 'Blue Bouquet' 4" pot $9.00 $15.00
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Agapetes 'Ludgvan Cross' 4" pot
Agapetes 'Ludgvan Cross' 4" pot Sold Out - $6.00 $10.00
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Grassy Knoll is a labor of love since 1998.

We have the largest selection of passiflora in North America and regularly sell to universities and the top passiflora experts in the world. We make every effort to ensure that the plant is free of virus and correctly identified, usually waiting to see the plant bloom, which can take years and years. We also try to take our own product photos so you know what specific attributes your plant would have.

Everything we sell is grown, propagated and shipped from our nursery in Oregon, we do not outsource anything.

You can also learn more about our nurseryread testimonials & check out our FAQ.


Please allow several days for us to process your order during regular shipping season.

Our regular shipping season is April - October. We cannot ship during the winter due to uncertainty in transit. Feel free to order during the year, the plants will be reserved for you and shipped out during the regular shipping season. 

All orders are shipped via USPS Priority. You can always calculate the shipping before completing your order. 

If you have a special request, please do not hesitate to contact us.

BUTTERFLY COLLECTORS: If you need a lot of plants of only a few species, rooted cuttings are a great option. Please click here for more information.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: The minimum for international orders is $120.00. We send out international orders in July and August. Please click here for more information.

For our full shipping page & FAQ please click here.

Growing Advice

HYBRIDIZING: Create Your Own Passiflora Hybrids

September 12, 2013

Want to try making a passion vine that tolerates a lot of frost? How about larger flowers? Try hybridizing… all the cool people are doing it!

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STARTING OUT: Growing tips for your Clivia

April 18, 2013

Clivia miniata orange

Here are some general "Growing 101" tips to help you with growing your new Clivia plants.
Clivia make excellent houseplants or landscape plants in ...

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