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Cyrtanthus falcatus bloom size bulb

Shepherds Crook.   Beautiful South African bulb with a curiously hooked flower stem. The tubular flowers are yellow with red tips. These large bulbs cling to cliffs with thick, fleshy roots and do best if grown with the bulb above ground level.  It is unusual to find this species for sale, and these are bloom-size bulbs!

(Amaryllidaceae) Cyrthanthus comes from Greek kyrtos (curved) and anthos (flower).  This bulb will ship when dormant from fall through spring.  If you place an order with other plants, it will ship separately.


Light: Part shade is best, so place near a shrub or fine-textured shade tree.  Also does well in a pot indoors with bright, indirect light.

Water: Moderate to heavy requirements provided that the soil is sharply draining.

Soil: Sharply draining, but high in organic matter.

Fertilizer: Relatively heavy feeder, so a slow-release fertilizer is appreciated.  I use a peat-based potting mix with a generous helping of extra pummice added.

Hardiness: USDA Zone 9

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