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Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants is a nursery started by Elizabeth Peters in the northwestern United States. The nursery has grown to offer over 100 varieties of passiflora, the largest variety in North America, as well as other rare and wonderful plants such as Protea, Clivia, Telopea, South African and Australian natives, tropical bulbs and we’re always looking for more!

Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants is a labor of love. We have the largest selection of Passiflora (Passionvines) available for sale in North America, and we are one of the largest distributors worldwide.

We specialize in exotic plants such as Passiflora, Protea and Clivia. However, we tend to sell any plant that strikes our fancy, so we are also expanding our collection of stapeliads, asclepiads and South African natives such as Adenias (succulent Passifloraceae). 

Grassy Knoll is a very small, family-run nursery. We are located just outside Portland, Oregon and consist of two people, Elizabeth & Deborah, with a few temp workers throughout the year (and whenever we can rope our husbands into the chaos). 

We currently are running two greenhouses, a  large 30' x 60' greenhouse and a smaller 15'x24'  greenhouse. 

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Mailing Address:

24417 Warren Rd
Rainier, OR 97048


360 241 6954