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Phaedranassa carmiolii bloom size bulb

This a very easily grown, stunning bulb in the Amaryllis family.  The umbels of flowers are lipstick red with dark green tips.  The leaves are thick, glossy ovals. Most bulbs sold by larger nurseries are infected with virus, but ours aren't!  All of our parent stock was grown from seed by us.  These are large, bloom-size bulbs and bloom very reliably. 

(Amaryllidaceae)  Since they're seed grown, we have multiple clones.  They all look very similar, but if you'd like more than one clone for seed production, make a note on your order so that we don't send you another division of the same clone.

Light: Part shade is best, so place near a shrub or fine-textured shade tree.  Also does well in a pot indoors with bright, indirect light.

Water: Moderate to heavy requirements provided that the soil is sharply draining.

Soil: Sharply draining, but high in organic matter.

Fertilizer: Relatively heavy feeder, so a slow-release fertilizer is appreciated.  I use a peat-based potting mix with a generous helping of extra pummice added.

Hardiness: USDA Zone 10

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