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Grevillea nudiflora 'Medusa' 4" pot

Medusa Grevillea.  An absolutely stunning color combination, this Grevillea has small clusters of waxy red, yellow, and purple flowers.  It stays really low to the ground and spreads into a dense mat.  Could make a very interesting hanging basket.

(Proteaceae) Tolerates salt-spray.

Light: Full sun.

Water: Moderate. Very drought tolerant when established.  Make sure to water the first summer after planting.

Soil: Fast draining, acid, and nutrient poor.  Be careful not to disturb the roots.

Fertilizer: Use a very low phosphorus (or no phosphorus), slow-release fertilizer, or a mild organic fertilizer such as fish emulsion.  Like all Proteaceae, it will not tolerate phosphorus.

Hardiness: USDA Zone 9.

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