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South African and Australian Natives

Cynanchum marnierianum 2.5" pot

Perfect for a very unusual hanging basket.  The stems are long, long, long, thin, flexible olive green ropes with a warty texture.  Very easy to grow, it fills out a basket rapidly if the stems are pruned and poked back into the pot to root and start growing.  In the fall, bright yellowish green flowers that look like tiny daffodils sprout out of the entire length of each stem.  Surprising to say the least!

(Apocynaceae) Also known as Sarcostemma marnierianum.  Native to Madagascar.


Light:Full sun/part shade.  Best grown in a container in a protected spot.  Bright, indirect light if grown indoors.

Water: Moderate water during the summer with a dry rest period in the winter.

Soil:  Sharply draining, succulent mix

Fertilizer: Occasional fertilizer at half strength

Hardiness: Not frost hardy.  USDA Zone 10, but most will be container plants protected from frost.


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