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Brugmansia 'Suncrest Vulsa' 4" pot

Suncrest Vulsa Angel's Trumpet.  This is a stunning Brugmansia from the B. sanguinea and B. vulcanicola group that has bright pink flowers.  Brighter than Strybing Vulsa, it's a newly available color from this rare group of Angel's Trumpets.  Doesn't like overly hot summers and does well in an area with mild summers and winters.  Easy grower if the climate is right!

(Solanceae) Likely a hybrid between Brugmansia sanguinea and Brugmansia 'Strybing Vulsa.'  Photo courtesy of Randy Story. 


Light: Full sun.  Part shade in warmer climates

Water: Heavy water needs during the warmer months

Soil: Rich with a lot of organic matter, but not soggy

Fertilizer: Heavy fertilizer needs

Hardiness: USDA Zone 9 in a sheltered spot.  It won't tolerate an excessively hot climate.

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