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Cynanchum stoloniferum 4" pot

This Stapelia relative has thick, whip-like stems and no leaves.  The star-shaped flowers bloom in clusters along the length of the stems. Looks great in a hanging basket.  The milky sap is poisonous, so be cautious. Another unusual species from one of my favorite plant families!

(Apocynaceae) Also known as Sarcostemma stoloniferum.  Native to Kenya and northern Tanzania.


Light:Full sun/part shade.  Best grown in a container in a protected spot.  Bright light if grown indoors.

Water: Moderate water during the summer with a dry rest period in the winter.

Soil:  Sharply draining, succulent mix

Fertilizer: Occasional fertilizer at half strength

Hardiness: Not frost hardy.  USDA Zone 11, but most will be container plants protected from frost.


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