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Dyckia rariflora 4" pot

Charming bromeliad relative with a rosette of fleshy, dark green leaves.  Will quickly form a clump and send up  tall spikes of bright orange flowers every spring.  Sends out offshoots readily and, unlike most members of this family, doesn't die after blooming. Appreciates a well-drained mix and can be grown outside in full sun in areas that don't get below 20 degrees F and a pot in other areas. New to Dyckias, I am quite delighted with this cute, carefree plant.

(Bromeliaceae) Native to Brazil and Argentina.


Light: Full sun

Water: Moderate

Soil: Well-drained, but with organic matter.  We use a peat-based potting mix with a lot of extra pummice

Fertilizer: All-purpose, slow-release seems to be appreciated in the spring and summer when in active growth.

Hardiness: Zone 9

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