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Homalocladium platycladum 4" pot

Tapeworm Plant. Centipede Plant.  Almost unearthly, this extremely curious shrub has ribbon-thin, flattened stems that are segmented like a tapeworm.  Bright green. Tolerates extremely bad treatment and thrives on neglect even tolerating a pretty stiff frost.. It can be grown in full sun or part shade and produces tiny, pale yellow flowers along the stems in the fall that are followed by small, bright red berries.  A small shrub that can grow up to 8 feet tall, it nevertheless grows well in containers and tolerates heavy pruning. 

(Polygonaceae) Syn: Muehlenbeckia platyclados.  Native to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.


Light: Full sun, part shade, or shade.  Some shade is advisable in very hot climates.

Water: Average.  Keep the humidity high during the summer months.

Soil: Average.

Fertilizer:  All-purpose.

Hardiness:  Zone 9 and possibly lower in a sheltered spot.



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