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Brugmansia vulcanicola 'Zunac' 4" pot

Zunac Angel's Trumpet. This is an extremely rare Angel Trumpet that is reputed to be the true species Brugmansia vulcanicola.  Very tubuar trumpets are bright reddish orange with flaring yellow tips. Won't tolerate excessive heat in the summer.

(Solanceae)  Photo courtesy of Michael Graupe.


Light: Full sun.  Part shade in warmer climates

Water: Heavy water needs during the warmer months

Soil: Rich with a lot of organic matter, but not soggy

Fertilizer: Heavy fertilizer needs

Hardiness: USDA Zone 9 in a sheltered spot.  It won't tolerate an excessively hot climate.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Even blooms in a 3 gallon pot!

Brugmansia vulcanicola 'Zunac' has been blooming in a 3 gallon clay pot for me and the flowers are stunning! I am sure if I planted it in a larger pot there would even be more blooms. This year it has bloomed 3 times with 2-5 flowers that last quite awhile. Out of all of the Brugmansias that I have purchased, this one has bloomed the most consistently even though it is in a small pot.
I highly recommend all of Elizabeth's plants. They always arrive healthy and beautiful.

Cory Jolly

Great plant upon arrival and has done very well for me although growing very compact in my unfavorable conditions full shade is required during summer here a lovely plant. Thank you