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Synardisia venosa 4" pot

Large clusters of drooping pink and white bells cover this amazing, lush evergreen shrub once a year.  It is native to the cloud forests of central America and has been easy to grow in the Pacific Northwest in a pot as long as it's protected from frost.  Native to the cloud forest, I'd expect that it will not do well in areas that are really hot for long spells, but it has done just fine during our brief (but brutal) heat waves.  Even when not blooming, the shrub is beautiful.  I have not tried growing it indoors, but given enough room and a bright location, I think it would do fine.  Outdoors it wants filtered shade.  



Light: Part shade.  Does well in dappled shade under a tree.

Water: Average.  Watch that it doesn't get too dry once it gets big if it's in a pot.

Soil: Rich with a lot of organic matter, but not soggy

Fertilizer: Average

Hardiness: USDA Zone 9 in a sheltered spot.  It won't tolerate an excessively hot climate.



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