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Passiflora Starter Kit

Passiflora Starter Kit: 3 different passifloras (our choice) for $45.00 for $15.00 off!! You could even get some plants in such short supply that they aren't listed or a species that is so new, it hasn't been described yet! We try to include a variety of different species and leaf forms, and if you order more than one grab-bag or order other passiflora in addition to a grab-bag, we'll make sure that you don't get any multiples.  In addition, if you already have started your collection, feel free to list passiflora in your collection in the cart notes and we'll make sure to send you something different.

The starter kit is also great if you're new to growing passiflora and can't decide which to grow or are unsure what will grow best for you. If you're interested in a specific style or color, feel free to specify in the cart notes and we will try to accommodate you as best we can.


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