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Subgenus Passiflora

Passiflora 'Anastasia' 4" pot

Anastasia Passion Flower.  One of the most breathtakingly lovely passionflowers, the huge flowers of Passiflora 'Anastasia' resemble a deep pink waterlily.  An easily grown hybrid that combines the beautiful flowers of P. gritensis with the carefree culture of P. c. 'Constance Eliott'. This rather slender vine dangles deep pink flowers from long peduncles that are beloved by hummingbirds.  Established vines will tolerate a slight frost. Very, very desirable. Blooms in spring and fall.  Doesn't like excessively hot weather. 

(Passiflora gritensis x Passiflora caerulea 'Constance Eliott') Subgenus: Passiflora.  Joos Brander's hybrid.


Light: Full sun, part shade.  In warmer climates, afternoon shade is recommended.  

Water: Moderate.

Soil: A wide range of soil, but it must be well-drained.

Fertilizer: A slow-release, bloom-booster type fertilizer is appreciated, but beware of using a fertilizer with too much nitrogen as it may push leaves at the expense of flowers.

Hardiness: Zone 10.

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