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Solanum wendlandii 4" pot

Giant Potato Vine.  Large, beautiful clusters of purple flowers. This the most beautiful of all the Solanum.  Native to Costa Rica, it can be trained as a shrub with pruning or the long, trailing branches can be trained to a trellis.  Blooms several times throughout the season and stays evergreen in mild climates. It can tolerate a hard frost, but will show a lot of damage when it is under 25 degrees.  I  overwinter mine in the greenhouse, but it drops its leaves and goes into a semi-dormant state when it gets cold, so it would be very easy to overwinter in an unheated garage or shed.

(Solanaceae)  The fruits are not edible.

Light: Full sun or part shade.  It definitely benefits from some shade in intense sun.

Water: Average.  Make sure to water during the summer.

Soil: Well-drained soil that is top-dressed with compost.

Fertilizer: All-purpose

Hardiness: Zone 9

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