June 13, 2015


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We regularly sell to universities and the top passiflora experts in the world. We make every effort to ensure that the plant is free of virus and correctly identified, usually waiting to see the plant bloom, which can take years. We also try to make sure the product photos are of our specific plant since there can be desirable or unusual traits depending on the clone.

Received plants yesterday and cannot begin to express my appreciation.  Plants were extraordinary and considering they went from Oregon to south Florida they looked as if I had just brought them home from the local plant nursery.  My thanks times 10.  I will be back for more orders. -Philip B.

Thanks, I absolutely LOVE my passiflora! -Pam R.

You have a wonderful store and great deals. My life is much more full of plants since I found your site! -Rachael V.

The passiflora plants sent were healthy and packaged perfect. I am also impressed by Elizabeth's great communication. If you are looking for a great variety of passifloras, including some more rare ones, she offers them for a very reasonable price. -Vanessa

Best customer service ever!!!! Thanks Elizabeth. The plants are beautiful!!!!! -Karin Y.

The plants were packaged perfectly and were not only healthy but bloomed within a few days of receiving them. -Craftyfrogmom 

We love your flowers and have ordered just about every year for the past 5 years. -Sarah

The plants were extremely healthy! I can tell you, I order a lot from online plant sources and these plants were good, if not better, than my favorite online gardens in Hawaii!!! You can not get these quality plants from your local hardware or garden store. They also will share lots of information, just ask! -paralegalmbl

This is one of the most complete webs pages on passiflora genera and a great site, you have great pictures from the passiflora variety. -Jose

I am truly overjoyed with the products and customer service that you and Elizabeth are working so hard to provide. She sent me some tips for keeping my passifloras healthy over the winter and her advice has been very helpful. -Rachael

Excellent service.  Arrived healthy and eager to start thriving in our Kailua environment.  -Ron

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the 3 clivias I purchased from you last spring.  The C. gardenii is already blooming.  It has 2 scapes!  - Paula

[Elizabeth] saved me from some purchases that would have not survived the winter here. Her greenhouse is amazing. You can see that she loves what she is doing. I would only get my Passionflower vines from her. -Samtpfote

Thank you for your wonderful flowers. I'm addicted!!!!! -Barbara B.




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Introducing Passiflora 'Vanessa'!

We are so excited to finally introduce this stunning and abundantly-flowering hybrid to the community!

We've been testing this hybrid from Michael Graupe since last summer, and it has been absolutely delightful. This lovely hybrid, named after Michael's daughter Vanessa, started blooming in the fall and never stopped blooming through the winter. We are in the Portland area in Oregon (zone 8) so greenhouses are kept just above freezing during the winter. Even in such cold conditions, Passiflora 'Vanessa' produced smaller flowers but there was rarely a day there wasn't a bloom. When spring started P. 'Vanessa' hit it's stride & resumed beautiful, full flowers. We are getting our first heat waves in Portland and the plant seems to be growing beautifully. Unfortunately we can't attest to the flowering this time of year because we've been cutting all of our plants like crazy for propagation!

While it has been great in our climate, we would love to hear how this passiflora grows in different climates & environments. Please leave a review or let us know on Facebook how it's doing for you. Be advised that while we are trying to grow them as fast as possible they will sell out fast! Happy growing!


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Deborah Austin


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