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Introducing Passiflora 'Vanessa'!

by Deborah Austin June 13, 2015 2 Comments

We are so excited to finally introduce this stunning and abundantly-flowering hybrid to the community!

We've been testing this hybrid from Michael Graupe since last summer, and it has been absolutely delightful. This lovely hybrid, named after Michael's daughter Vanessa, started blooming in the fall and never stopped blooming through the winter. We are in the Portland area in Oregon (zone 8) so greenhouses are kept just above freezing during the winter. Even in such cold conditions, Passiflora 'Vanessa' produced smaller flowers but there was rarely a day there wasn't a bloom. When spring started P. 'Vanessa' hit it's stride & resumed beautiful, full flowers. We are getting our first heat waves in Portland and the plant seems to be growing beautifully. Unfortunately we can't attest to the flowering this time of year because we've been cutting all of our plants like crazy for propagation!

While it has been great in our climate, we would love to hear how this passiflora grows in different climates & environments. Please leave a review or let us know on Facebook how it's doing for you. Be advised that while we are trying to grow them as fast as possible they will sell out fast! Happy growing!


Deborah Austin
Deborah Austin


Deborah manages the site, social media & photography. She has too many hobbies for her own good. She is a William Gibson fangirl & enjoys typography, photography, surrealist art, Japanese culture, nano reefs, well made commercials & wandering from room to room.

2 Responses

Layton Pace
Layton Pace

June 14, 2020

I put Vanessa in the ground about the middle of May 2019 in the coastal zone (about 1/1-2 miles inland from the ocean) of Los Angeles against a trellis along a west facing red cinder block, which gets late afternoon sun, but partial shade from a nearby rubber tree. It shares the trellis with what I believe is a Passiflora Cincinnata, which is just starting to take off in growth and bloom. The Vanessa just produced three very nice blooms. I hope to send a photo. The vine itself has yet to branch although it has climbed to the top of the trellis and seems happy in the location. I hope to see more blooms and growth.

Megan M Steinert
Megan M Steinert

June 14, 2020

I sent you ladies an email awhile ago about a order I placed this summer. The plants r wonderful but I had requested one that bore fruit. Now that the plants r getting a bit bigger, the 3 that need to come inside r not bearing any fruit. I a. Wondering if our signals got crossed. Do you guys remember any of this? I think the names r purple tiger, adelaria(sp?), and mooreana(sp?). Does any of this ring a bell? Let me know pls,
Thank you, megan steinert

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