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Solanum muricatum 'Kendall Gold' (Pepino Melon) 4" pot


Kendall Gold Pepino Melon.  If you can grow tomatoes, you can grow this amazing herbaceous shrublet!  The yellow, egg-shaped fruit form without a pollinator and have fragrant, melon-like flesh.  It's a very tidy plant with showy clusters of small purple and white striped flowers.   This is a very desirable variety of pepino melon since some clones have an unpleasant, soapy flavor.  The flavor of Kendall Gold is excellent and reminds me a lot of honeydew.  Does very well in a container and sets fruit without trouble indoors and in the greenhouse.  It also does great in the ground if you live in an area where you can protect it from frost.  It is grown commercially for fruit in Chile and New Zealand.


Light: Full sun or part shade in very warm climates

Water: High.  Make sure to water during the summer.

Soil: Well-drained soil that is top-dressed with compost.

Fertilizer: All-purpose

Hardiness: Zone 10

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Very healthy plant 


alive and well