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Pseudomiltemia filisepala 4" pot


This is a close cousin of the famed Deppea splendens and a very attractive plant in its own right.  While the flowers are not as large or showy as the Golden Fuchsia, they are bright and cheerful and, in my opinion, the overall plant has a tidier form and has nicer leaves. It is very rare and when it has been offered for sale, it has auctioned for a high price.

Since this gorgeous rarity is native to the cloud forests of Mexico, it won't tolerate extremes in temperatures.  It's very important that you can provide mild summers with a lot of air movement.


Light: Part shade

Water: Moist, but make sure that it isn't sitting in water.  Likes light, well-drained soil whether it is in the ground or grown in a pot.

Soil: Light mix with plenty of organic matter

Fertilizer: Slow release fertilizer for acid-loving plants (such as is sold for Rhododendrons)

Hardiness: USDA Zone 9, 30-32° F.  Like Deppea, Pseudomiltemia likes mild, cool summers, so it won't grow well in areas with very hot weather in the summer.  Can tolerate a mild frost.


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