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Subgenus Passiflora

Passiflora 'Thuraia' 4" pot

Thuraia Passion Flower.  Dainty, purple/pink flowers with banded filaments and reflexed petals.  The vine is slender with small leaves colored purple on the underside.  Very nice vine for hanging baskets or in a containers as a houseplant. 

(Passiflora kermesina x P. miersii) Mauro Peixoto's hybrid.

Light: Full sun, part shade.

Water: Moderate.

Soil: A wide range of soil, but it must be well-drained.

Fertilizer: A slow-release, bloom-booster type fertilizer is appreciated, but beware of using a fertilizer with too much nitrogen as it may push leaves at the expense of flowers.

Hardiness: Zone 11

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