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Hylocereus undatus cutting

Dragon Fruit.  Pitahaya.  Vining tropical cactus with large, stunning flowers and extremely tasty fruit. The fruit is grown commercially and always very expensive (when you can find it)! Now you can grow your own! The fruit are about the size of an orange with the texture of watermelon and flavors of watermelon and kiwi. Very delicious!  The flowers are large, white, and night-blooming similar to the Queen of the Night. Easily grown as a pot plant in non-tropical areas. Large cutting only needs to be potted up to start sending out roots, no special treatment needed!

(Cactaceae) Syn: Cactus triangularis aphyllus.


Light: Full sun

Water: Moderate.  Make sure to water during the summer.

Soil: Well-drained soil that is top-dressed with compost.

Fertilizer: All-purpose

Hardiness: Zone 12

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