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Jaltomata sinuosa 4" pot

Another amazing tender perennial fruit from the tomato family!  This shrublet has small (but very pretty) bell-shaped flowers and elaborately fuzzy leaves and stems.  The orange fruits are the size of large blueberries and fall off when perfectly ripe.  The flavor is sweet and very pleasing.  It reminds me of pineapple groundcherries, but better!  Easy to grow as long as it is protected from hard frosts.  The branches are rather trailing, so I suspect it will do well in a hanging basket.  I intend to try this summer!


Light: Full sun or part shade

Water: Average.  Make sure to water during the summer.

Soil: Well-drained soil that is top-dressed with compost.

Fertilizer: All-purpose

Hardiness: Zone 10

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